Let's get to know you :)
by Leonard Burca

Hey! I made this nice little questionnaire in order to understand your current situation and struggles better, this way I can be more efficient helping you. Thanks and let's both get to know you better! :)
Note: Your answers will NEVER be made public.

If you prefer to be anonymous, just skip to the next question.
Do you have a big dream or objective at the moment? *

What ambitious dream or mental picture do you (secretly) wish you could make real if you could?

E.g. Lose weight, visit a specific place, win xx amount of money, find a partner etc.
In the situation you find yourself now, you would describe your dream as.......... to fulfill.

What are the top 3 challenges you see in fulfilling your dream?

How would you mostly like to learn about success, personal development and entrepreneurship? *

When new information is presented to you, the most important thing for you is... *

How committed are you about your personal development and success? *

What are your top 3 interests? *

Pro tip: What takes most of your leisure time?
E.g. Video-games; Facebook; listening to podcasts or audiobooks, reading books and articles; series, hanging out with friends, TV, side-business, applying knowledge etc.
Just a few more questions and we're done. I hope you're enjoying this! :)

How often do you read / listen to audio-books? *

If you could buy a book that can help you fulfill your ambitious dreams, develop metally, physically, spiritually, leadership skills, produtivity etc, to have great results and have a life that you love - How much would you pay for such a book?

Have you heard about "Be Young and Successful", my first book? *

I'm excited to let you know that my book will be published in English soon. Would you like to purchase a copy? *

The question is just theoretical and does not imply buying the book.
Last Q: Would you like to write me something? Do you need help or do you have questions? (optional)

Here you can write whatever you would like. From suggestions, to questions, to things that I could help you with.
If you left your email address and an answer is required, I promise to answer to every person that completed this.
DON'T FORGET to press "Submit", or all of your answers will not be saved.
THANKS and with you all the success you deserve! :)
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